HSK-3 A must for SuperTest Chinese Proficiency Test

HSK (Level 3) examines candidates' Chinese application ability, which corresponds to Level 3 of Chinese Language Proficiency Scales For Speakers of Other Lan-guages and Level B1 of the Common European Framework (CEFR).


HSK Level 3

Candidates who have passed the HSK-3 can complete basic communication tasks in life, study, work, etc. in Chinese and can cope with most of the communicative tasks encountered when traveling in China.


HSK Level 3 Test Content

The whole test takes about 90 minutes (including 5 minutes for candidates to fill in their personal information).
1.Listening:Four question types, 40 questions
3.Writing:Three question types, 30 questions
Candidiates need to master 600 common words.


For the HSK-3, we can provide you with:

300high-frequency words: exercise in groups helps you gain proficiency in one month
51 grammar points: intensive teaching and condensed exercise lead you to use them flexibly in two weeks
10 sets of selected real questions test papers & 5 sets of sample test papers: 2 weeks of intensive training brings you high score just once
2 types of writing training: photo uploading and senior teachers' composition correction sentence by sentence guide you in easy acquisition of sentences writing