User privacy & Usage Agreement

1.User privacy

Welcome to HSKOnline! Under Administration of Shanghai Yuxuan Information Technology Ltd, HSKOnline attaches great importance to each user's privacy and takes active protective measures. Shanghai Yuxuan Information Technology Ltd hereby declares to expatiate our privacy policy to assist you with understanding the way that HSKOnline obtains, uses, and protect your personal information. The following terms and conditions are applicable only for users and consumers who are using HSKOnline APP. Any question or comments about the declaration, please contact us by operating Setting→Help & feedback or

2.Usage Scope of Privacy Right

This declaration shall cover all users of HSKOnline, their registration information and personal data necessary for cooperation between HSKOnline and users. However, employees engaged and administrated by HSKOnline are excluded.

3.Acquisition and Usage of Personal Information

HSKOnline declares that it will not take the initiative for any personal information, except for registration and operations. HSKOnline will keep an account of user's utility time and path to provide you with a better product with optimized function and experience rather than to analyze certain user. HSKOnline may obtain your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. 1. You may be asked to fill down some personal information including but not limited to gender, occupation and interests when you are registering on HSKOnline APP. You are responsible for your account information and password; you shall take full responsibility in case any consequence about your account of HSKOnline APP due to your failure of performing your obligations of information security and confidentiality. HSKOnline APP shall be exempted from any liability to pay compensation in case of any leakage, disclosure or usurpation of your Account or personal information by any third party arising from unpredictable factors of Internet or your termination network including but not limited to network interruption, hacker attacks, viruses and so on.
  2. 2. To perfect HSKOnline APP and provide better better service, HSKOnline APP may record your information related to your operation, including but not limited to user’s IP address, device identifier, hardware model, OS version, location, and log information related to the HSKOnlineAPP service, when you are accessing HSKOnline APP on your mobile device or enjoying services provided by HSKOnline APP.
  3. 3. In addition to afore-mentioned information, HSKOnline APP may collect other information about users to provide better services and improve quality of services if it is reasonable and necessary, including recording, related information provided by users when contact customer service team of HSKOnline APP, replies and answers of questionnaire from users to HSKOnline APP, and related information and data during interactions between users and HSKOnline APP and its affiliates.


To ensure the user information security, HSKOnline APP is subservient to the principle of employing any and all reasonable physical, electronic and managerial safety precautions including but not limited to information encryption storage and access control on data center, to prevent any data or information leakage, damage or lost. In addition, HSKOnline APP has employed strict management on employees or outsourcing labors who may access to user information, including but not limited to setting different permissions according to their specific positions, making non-disclosure agreement with employees and so on.

HSKOnline is appreciated for your valued suggestion if you are puzzled or feel violated about your right of privacy and will spare no efforts to implement every suggestions ASAP to provide you with a better service.