SuperTest Service User Agreement

This "SuperTest Service User Agreement" is an agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as "user") and Shanghai Yuxuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SuperTest") governing your use of all software produced by SuperTest.

Essential Notice

  1. The user should read this agreement carefully (minors should be accompanied by a parent or guardian), and assure they fully understand the terms of this agreement. Not agreeing to this agreement will immediately result in the user desisting to register and use SuperTest software.
  2. The user fully accepts all terms and conditions described in this agreement when clicking the "Agree" button during the registration process.
  3. Upon successful registration, SuperTest will give each user an account and corresponding password. The user is responsible for keeping the account and password; the user shall store the account and password safely to prevent data breach. If the account and password are stolen, the user will be legally held accountable for all activities and events carried out under their account.

Service Content

  1. The concrete services provided by SuperTest are supplied according to the actual circumstances, including but not limited to the SuperTest interactive lessons, units, personal study data, study goals settings, etc.
  2. Some of the services provided by SuperTest (such as essay correction) are paid services, and users are required to pay a certain fee to SuperTest to use these paid services. For these paid services, SuperTest will give the user a clear notice before use, so only after the user confirms that he is willing to pay the relevant fee for the respective service, can the user start using the paid service. If the user is not willing to pay the relevant fees, SuperTest has the right to not provide the paid services to the user.
  3. The user understands that SuperTest only provides software-related services, and that the user bears all costs related to other services and devices (such as mobile phones, personal computers and other devices related to access to the Internet or mobile network) and other costs (such as internet and telephone fees to access the internet.
  4. The user agrees that SuperTest can use the user’s information obtained through the provided services to, including but not limited to the leaderboard, so that other SuperTest users can view the user's avatar, name, questions answered and other personal data.

User Policy

  1. After the user is successfully registered, the user has the right to use SuperTest software functions to share and communicate with the user, including questions and comments, answer reportage, user written essays, and sharing other content that might be interesting to the user.
  2. Users have the right to use the personal homepage provided by SuperTest, upload photos and share personal information.
  3. Users must abide by relevant national laws and regulations when using SuperTest, and the content cannot contain information or act in any way related to the following points:
    1. Oppose the basic principles defined by the Constitution;
    2. Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, or undermining national unity;
    3. Do damage to country honor and interests;
    4. Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining ethnic unity;
    5. Undermine national religious policies or promoting cults and feudal superstitions;
    6. Spread rumors, disturbing social order and social stability;
    7. Spread or instigate obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or other crimes;
    8. Insult or slander others, infringing or hurting the legal rights of others;
    9. Share or create content that is false, harmful, coercive, infringes on the privacy of others, harassment, infringement, slander, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise morally objectionable.
    10. Other content restricted or prohibited by Chinese laws, regulations, rules, policies and prohibited under any other legally effective scope.
    11. Content that SuperTest believes is not conducive to the operation of SuperTest.
  4. Users must clearly understand the terms of use. SuperTest is only for personal communication and personal learning and can only be used for non-commercial purposes. Users cannot use this service to sell information or performance, or use this service to conduct surveys, advertisements, or use it for any other commercial purposes.
  5. The user guarantees that the information shared and posted is authentic and accurate and that the user will not post false information, or information otherwise inconsistent with the facts, or cause harm to others.
  6. The user promises not to publish or share information that violates intellectual property rights while using SuperTest.
  7. If the user conducts any of the aforementioned actions, the user shall bear all liability for the violations and infringements. If any damage or loss is caused to SuperTest, SuperTest has the right to claim the rights of the responsible user. Simultaneously, SuperTest has the right to terminate any provided services to users who violate, infringe or otherwise ignore the law and/or specified regulations. If the government or judicial authorities require SuperTest to share user information regarding a possible infringement, SuperTest has the right to inform authorities of the user’s information in accordance with current law and policies.
  8. The user agrees that SuperTest has the right to place various commercial advertisements or any other type of commercial information in the products during the process of providing services, and the user agrees that SuperTest can send product promotions or other relevant commercial information to the user through e-mail or other methods.

Intellectual Property

  1. When using SuperTest users must not infringe the copyright of others when share personal work or work of others.
  2. When the user shares information when using SuperTest, the user must include the information, copyright and permission of the creator of the work.

Changes to, interruption or termination of services

  1. In light of the irregularity of the service, the user agrees that SuperTest has the right to change, interrupt or terminate any part or the entirety of the service (including paid service and free service) at any time. If the service that is changed, interrupted or terminated is a free service, SuperTest does not need to notify the user, and does not need to bear any responsibility to any user or any third party. If the service that is changed, interrupted or terminated service is a paid service, SuperTest must notify the user before a change, interruption or termination as well as provide an equivalent alternative to affected users. If the user is unwilling to accept alternative services, SuperTest should return to the user the remaining service fee after deducting the fee according to the actual use of said service.
  2. The user understands that SuperTest needs to service or maintain the service platform or related equipment at regular or irregular intervals. If such a situation causes the interruption of any paid service, but the interruption occurs within a reasonable timeframe, SuperTest does not bear any responsibility for this interruption. If possible, SuperTest can make an announcement in advance to inform the user of the interruption.
  3. If any of the following situations occur, under this agreement, SuperTest has the right to interrupt or terminate the services provided to the user at any time:
    1. Personal information provided by the user is not true or real;
    2. The user violates the user policies specified in this agreement;
    3. The user did not pay the corresponding service fee to SuperTest when using the paid service;
    4. The occurrence of force majeure, such as natural disasters, prevents SuperTest from operating.
  4. If the user account of a free service user has not been used for 90 consecutive days, or the user account of a paid service user has not been used for 180 consecutive days after expiration of the paid service, SuperTest has the right to delete the account and stop providing related services to the user.
  5. 5.If the account nickname registered by the user violates the law, regulations or national policy requirements, or violates the legal rights and interests of any third party, SuperTest has the right to withdraw the account nickname. 
  6. SuperTest reserves the final right to interpret this agreement.

SuperTest Auto Renewal Service Terms

If you subscribe to SuperTest VIP, you expressly agree to have read and accepted the following terms.  

You understand and agree that:

  1. This service is an auto renewal service provided to you on the premise that you have subscribed to a SuperTest VIP membership. If you start the auto-renewal subscription, within 24 hours of your subscription expiration date, the subscription fee for the next subscription period will be deducted from your account, a linked third-party payment account, bank card, communications account, iTunes account (referred to as “account” hereafter). Subscription renewal periods offered include monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions. Once yo have subscribed you agree that the subscription fee can successfully be deducted from the above indicated accounts. The risk and/or loss of renewal failure due to insufficient deductible balance in the above account shall be carried by you.
  2. SuperTest users can select any of the available subscriptions: 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year. After canceling the subscription, you can still enjoy the subscription within the paid for period. E.g. if you purchase a one-year SuperTest VIP subscription service on January 1 and decide to cancel it on July 1, you will still be able to enjoy all unlimited SuperTest VIP content offered by this subscription until December 31. You will not be charged an annual subscription fee after your subscription has expired.
  3. After purchasing your chosen SuperTest VIP subscription, within 24 hours or your subscription expiration date, the fee for the new period will be automatically deducted from the linked account and extend the validity period with the agreed to SuperTest VIP subscription duration.
  4. APPLE in-app purchase subscription cancellation  Go to "Settings", "iTunes Store and App Store" and click "Apple ID", select "View Apple ID", go to "Account Settings" page, click "Subscriptions", and select SuperTest VIP to cancel your subscription.
  5. Google Pay subscription cancellation: On Android phones or tablets open "Google Play Store". Check if you have logged in to the correct Google account. Click menu, then subscriptions. Select cancel subscriptions and unsubscribe, then follow on screen instructions.
    If your subscription has already been removed from Google Play, your subscription will be cancelled automatically. Your previous subscription will not be refundable.
    Other ways to unsubscribe: according to respective payment platform regulations.
    The automatic renewal process may not be in real time. It may show some delays. Subscriptions are based on SuperTest’s systems.
    If the automatic renewal function is not cancelled at least 24 hours before the expiration of the subscription period, the subscription will be automatically renewed.
    If you have any questions, please send us an email on
    *this translated version of the original terms and conditions and is for reference purposes only. For resolution of any legal or administrative queries clauses as stated in the Chinese version of the contract will be applied.